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2 hour show every night

record requests every night 8 - 10p.m.
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Friends & Supporters

Shortbread House of Edinburgh

Hospedia - Sponsor

Lothian Buses - Sponsor

mac-signs - Sponsor

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'Heard It - Played It - Seen It'

'Donate It'

raising funds

Look for the yellow bin in the RVS canteen area

CDs, computer games and dvds can be turned into funds, so long as they have a bar code

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Programme Schedule

Shortbread House of Edinburgh - prize donations

requestime competition prizes are kindly provided by

Shortbread House of Edinburgh and Hospedia .

Hospedia - prize donations

Schedule - Monday






Request-time - 0131 537 5353

Mike & Cam with Kenny on the 'socials'.

They will be visiting the wards of the Western General between 6 and 7, so flag them down and ask for a piece of music that you would like to hear.

If you miss them, don't worry, you can always call the request hotline..... 0131 537 5353

Leave a request day or night. From 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Border Bicuits

Shortbread House of Edinburgh - main sponsors of the request shows.

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